Saturday, May 06, 2017

Mesquite Solar Project & MedHab Missing from COSADC 2016 Report

The City of San Angelo Development Corporation omitted the Mesquite Solar Project from its 2016 Year End Summary Report.  The project was unanimously approved on August 26, 2015 for an economic development incentive of $583,814.  Development Corporation Chief Roland Pena included an update for the board in May 2016.   It stated: "Still in due diligence, in process of securing PPA."  Pena had nothing to say about the project in his 2016 report.

A Development Corporation video may shed light on the project's status, which was planned for the land adjacent to the city's Industrial Park.  The Mesquite Solar Project, if developed,. would be on uncleared land just above the UP in Super Park (pictured at the top of this post).

COSADC's Year End Summary was also missing a MedHab update.  The company's story changed many times since City Council approved a $3.54 million economic development agreement nearly five years ago.  MedHab CEO seemed poised to bring promised jobs to San Angelo last year with his radio remark their medical rehabilitation product received Food and Drug Administration approval.

FDA approval is big news and worth posting on MedHab's news page.  Their most recent news announcement came on September 4, 2013.  It was also the milestone for MedHab to begin adding local jobs, up to 227.

There are no signs of progress for the Mesquite Solar Park which remains in the dark.  MedHab has been in reverse since it supposedly leapt a key hurdle fourteen months ago for assembling product and producing jobs in San Angelo.  

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