Monday, February 06, 2017

City Cleans Up Another Contract

San Angelo City Council will take up an odd item in Tuesday's meeting.

February 3, 2009, San Angelo City Council accepted the conveyance of a 40 acre tract out of Phase II, Industrial Park from City of San Angelo Development Corporation for the development of a commercial venture which would act as a catalyst for other development within the US 67 Gateway. 

Council Memo states, if such development is not achieved within one year, it is understood such property would be returned to COSADC as a resource for business recruitment purposes; however, the Special Warranty Deed from COSADC to City failed to include this reversionary interest. The property was placed out for bids (RFB PRO-02-09), and the bid was awarded April 7, 2009 to Lamesa Enterprises for the development of a drive in theater. In addition to awarding the bid, Council authorized the City to extend a sewer line approximately 3300 feet for $150-$170K to the 40 acre property line. Lamesa Enterprises was allowed up to 1 year to construct the facility. 

The 40 acre tract was never transferred to Lamesa Enterprises and the facility was never constructed. 
It's odd on numerous levels.  One, Council's direction was not included in the original lease.  Two, it's been nearly seven years since the bid was awarded, nearly six years after the land should have reverted back to the Development Corporation.

Failure of the drive in movie theater joins other outdoor efforts like Lucas Oil off-road racing and OneEnergy Renewables solar farm on city land next to the Industrial park.   Neither has come to pass.  If any cleanup is needed from those efforts I hope it doesn't take seven years. 

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