Saturday, October 29, 2016

City Aided Nasworthy Development Progresses

San Angelo's City Council will address a possible zoning change from Ranch and Estate to General Commercial for 30 acres at the old WTU energy plant.  The land is owned by Glen Meadows Baptist Church, having purchased it from Joe and Mark Walraven in January of this year.  

Oddly, City Council rezoned another plot of Lake Nasworthy land in October 2013 for Fleet Equipment Leasing for development of single family residences.

Z 13 -32: Fleet Equipment Leasing, LLP. AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 12, EXHIBIT “A” OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCES, CITY OF SAN ANGELO, TEXAS, WHICH SAID EXHIBIT “A” OF CHAPTER 12 ADOPTS ZONING REGULATIONS, USE DISTRICTS AND A ZONING MAP, IN ACCORDANCE WITH A COMPREHENSIVE PLAN, BY CHANGING THE ZONING AND CLASSIFICATION OF THE FOLLOWING PROPERTY, TO W IT: An unaddressed tract occupying a 25.822 acres tract located south of Red Bluff Road and Hillside Drive; more specifically being 25.822 acres out of 96.314 acres of the Christoph Voight Survey 181, Abstract 3931 and Carl Dammann Survey 180, Abstract 141 in far southwest San Angelo. This property is described on a Preliminary Plat titled “The Canals at Lake Nasworthy” and occupies all of Blocks 6 and 7, changing the zoning classification from a Ranch & Estate (R&E) to a Single -Family Residential (RS -1) D istrict; PROVIDING FOR SEVERABILITY AND PROVIDING A PENALTY 
Fleet Equipment Leasing is owned by the same Walravens who sold the old power plant site to Glen Meadows.

The land rezoned in 2013 is on the back part of Gun Club Road, a popular walking/running site for area citizens. That same October 2013 meeting had City Councilman Rodney Fleming saying:

Councilmember Fleming suggested decreasing the number of pedestrian traffic on this road. He proposed installing pipe fencing in the illegal parking area and removing the park benches and trash receptacles from the area. Mr. Fleming suggested utilizing Lake Nasworthy trust funds to pay for the project.

Public comments were made by Citizens Tad Logan , Rob Ehlers, Marilyn Ross, and Kirby Vanover in support of the project.

Councilmember Fleming suggested moving forward with the prohibition of parking within the area. Responding to a question by Councilmember Farmer, Chief Tim Vasquez stated citations are issued, pedestrians are police d, the area is regular ly patrolled , and he suggested privatizing the road or designate as a one -way road. In conclusion, City Council suggested staff present options at a future meeting possibly utilizing the Lake Nasworthy Trust funds to fund the project .
Executive Director Public Works Ricky Dickson presented a plan to sell city land to facilitate the development of the Canals at Lake Nasworthy in December 2014.

Oddly, this deal was not with Fleet Equipment Leasing, who'd pursued the zoning change, but with Psalms 100 Development LLC, a developer the city selected in July 2014 after an RFP process.

Consideration of authorizing the City Manager to enter into a Real Estate Sales Contract and a Development Agreement with Psalm 100 Development, LLC in substantially the attached forms for the sale and development of two tracts of land totaling 5.297 acres (1.682 acres and 3.615 acres) out of Christoph Vought Survey 181, Abstract 3931, and as part of the consideration accept from Psalm 100 Development 5.623 acres of land out of Christoph Vought Survey 181, Abstract 3931; and authorizing the Mayor or City Manager to execute an easement and right-of-way to Psalm 100 Development, LLC for public access improvements, and to execute such other documents as may be necessary or convenient to the stated purposes.
City Council looked to Councilman Rodney Fleming for guidance.

Councilman Fleming, a professional realtor, did not recuse himself as someone who might personally benefit in the future from said development.  Psalm 100 developed The Palms, which received a final plat from the City in March 2015.

Lots sell from $38,000 to $132,000.  Rodney Fleming's City Council service ended in May of 2016.

Russell Gully's Psalms 100 Development LLC has until 2019 to get the Canals at Lake Nasworthy read for market under its development agreement with the city.  Glen Meadows might want to work faster on their parcel. City Council's background packet for 11-1-16 includes Planning Commission testimony.

Mr. Russell Gully, SKG Engineering, representing Glen Meadows Baptist Church, approached the podium, identified himself, and proceeded to address the Commission. Mr. Gully posited that the Commission should approve the Zone Change as requested opining that churches are more of a “Special Opportunity” than an “Interpretive Center,” as called for in the Lake Nasworthy Master Plan. Mr. Gully continued to opine that a church-affiliated school could only operate within the General Commercial zone. Mr. Gully provided the Commission with some color renderings of proposed buildings.

Mr. Wesley Mikeska, an officer of Glen Meadows Baptist Church, approached the podium, identified himself, and proceeded to address the Commission. He indicated that about 20-25 acres would be sufficient for their development, but the church intended to sell off any surplus land to a suitable buyer at its discretion.
The Planning Commission's WTU zoning change is not what City staff recommended.  It will be interesting to hear what history is shared and Council's discussion and public comment on the item.. 

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