Sunday, July 10, 2016

City of San Angelo Courting Two Interstate Highways

The City of San Angelo Development Corporation funded the city's sponsorship of Ports-to-Plains/Interstate 27 and Interstate 14 running through town.  Interstate 27 would be a North-South route while Interstate 14 would be more East-West.  These two efforts are in sync, according to the Ports-to-Plains blog.

“Overall I view this as positive for Texas and Ports-to-Plains,” said PTP President Michael Reeves. “It shows that there is a recognized need for new interstates in Texas, provides a valuable new connection for the Ports-to-Plains Corridor, and also the potential for collaboration on an extension of Interstate 27.”
That collaboration involves the section of Interstate between San Angelo and Sterling City.  It would be branded both I-27 and I-14.

The Development Corporation approved $20,000 in sponsorship for the Ports-to-Plains Annual Meeting to be held in San Angelo September 13-15.  The budget called for $5,000 for a Port-to-Plains Summit and money for travel to a number of meetings, including PTP.  Annual dues for the year were estimated at $60,300.

City Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer said San Angelo City Manager Daniel Valenzuela approved another $20,000 in sponsorship money from the public coffers bringing the city's total donation to $40,000 for the upcoming Ports-to-Plain annual meeting.

San Angelo could go from no Interstates to two in a relatively short period of time.  Many people attribute San Angelo's charm to not being on an interstate.

Citizens recently turned out to share their concerns about local trash service, which city leaders designed and bid with little public input.  It will be interesting to see if and when city leaders update citizens on their interstate plans. 

Update 8-15-16:  The Standard Times reported Interstate 14 is in Congressional hands.

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