Monday, April 18, 2016

Runoff Helps Area Reservoirs

Recent rains boosted area lake levels.  In the last week the following San Angelo water sources rose:

Lake Nasworthy - +422 acre feet 
(from 8,010 acre feet to 8,432 acre feet)

Twin Buttes North Pool - +1,088 acre feet
(from 15,410 acre feet to 16,498 acre feet)

O.C. Fisher - +240 acre feet
(from 18,054 acre feet to 18,294 acre feet)

O.H. Ivie - +2084 acre feet
(from 66,866 acre feet to 68,950 acre feet)
The graph below shows why Ivie took on so much water:

Area lake inflows total 3,834 acre feet.  E.V. Spence is up nearly 1,000 acre feet as well.  This blessing should be enough to break Drought Level 1 for at least a little while.

Update 4-20-16:  Lake Ivie now has 71,340 acre feet, a rise of nearly 4,500 acre feet.  Twin Buttes is up another 200 acre feet from the readings above.

Update 4-23-16:  Ivie has more than 75,000 acre feet, an increase of more than 8,000 acre feet since City Council voted for Drought I conservation measures.

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