Monday, June 01, 2015

Streets Study Bleeds Red and Black

Area drivers know the sad state of San Angelo's streets, now confirmed by a study by Fugro Roadware.  City leaders avoided maintaining city streets for decades and the price to bring roads up to a minimum standard will be steep.  The irony comes from the two names on the memo to Council, Operations Director Shane Kelton and Public Works Executive Director Ricky Dickson.  This is the pair responsible for street maintenance for much of the last two decades.wo

The Fugro Roadware study arrived two years after Council first heard of the need to conduct preventive maintenance on city streets.  Former City Engineer Clinton Bailey informed council in their 2013 strategic planning session, ironically the last session recorded and shared with the public.

Other two year waits include the Avenue P Drainage Project.  What will 2016 find in all three areas, preventive road maintenance, televising Council's planning session and the Avenue P project?  Hopefully, a modicum of progress. 

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