Thursday, April 23, 2015

Will Reconstituted Water Board Meet?

San Angelo City Council appointed four new members to the Water Advisory Board this week.  Ironically, Kendall Hirschfeld's request for the city to design and implement incentives for citizens to undertake specific strategies to conserve water remains unfulfilled.  Hirschfeld asked several times for staff to bring a program before council.  He may get to design the program as a member of the Water Advisory Board. 

Just over a year ago Water Advisory Board member Paul Alexander suggested Council ask the board to meet.  The City's webpage states "Meetings are held on an 'as-called' basis."  The water board under former Water Chief Will Wilde served as a rubber stamp.  There's too little evidence to know what it is under Public Works Executive Director Ricky Dickson.

Four new members were appointed to three year terms.  It looks like they got a bonus year given the city's website states:

Board members are appointed to two-year terms by members of the City Council.
What does the future hold for our community water wise?  Given the lack of clarity on our Water Advisory Board it's hard to know.

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