Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Development Corp to Address MedHab Fire

San Angelo's Development Corporation will address MedHab's fire in their monthly meeting. 

6.  Consideration and possible action regarding the restoration of the incubator annex located at 2009 West Beauregard and any other action in connection thereto 7. ( Presentation by Economic Development Director Roland Peña) 

It's been nearly two months since the fire broke out.  There has been no news as to the fire's cause.  What might the public learn tomorrow?  It's hard to predict given the background packet lacked information on this agenda item.

City economic development staff were not forthcoming on MedHab in January 2012 when they misrepresented Mayor Alvin New's position on the governing board as merely advisory.  Staff also hid his two affidavits from 2011 signifying his investments in the company.

It's a different economic development crew than the group that pushed through MedHab three years ago.  Hopefully, they'll be more forthcoming with critical information.

Update 3-25-15:  San Angelo Live reported: "The cause of the fire was a computer peripheral, possibly a printer, on a desk in one of the offices. It caught fire and burned the desk severely, according to Fire Marshal Ross Coleman. There was no controversy. It just overheated when no one was there and caught fire, but it did set off an alarm and the building was saved.

Update 4-2-15:  This item was moved to Executive Session, then tabled until a future meeting.   There may be no controversy, but the city's Development Corp has avoided talking about the situation publicly.

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