Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nasworthy Development to Progress on Two Fronts

The City of San Angelo is moving forward with developing two areas around Lake Nasworthy.  The Standard Times reported:

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board voted Thursday to recommend that the council give city staff the go-ahead to start seeking bids for concepts on the development.

The development was recommended in the Gateway Planning Group’s Lake Nasworthy master development plan, which the council adopted in late 2013. The plan recommends a hotel, restaurant or entertainment venue for the 19½ acres at Mary E. Lee Park to enhance public access and minimize environmental impact.

Earlier this year the city issued a request for proposal for development of surplus land near the old WTU power plant.

The City of San Angelo is soliciting proposals for the development of certain vacant land consisting of two (2) tracts located in the southwestern portion of the City of San Angelo, known as Railroad Right of Way, near the Old WTU Power Plant. The subject parcels are located near Red Bluff Road and Hillside Road. The City of San Angelo is interested in selling the surface estate only of the described parcels of land , to an entity with experience in mixed-use development.

City Council will entertain the sale of said land to Psalm 100 Development LLC during Tuesday's council meeting.  Russell Gully is listed as Psalm 100's registered agent.  Gully is the owner of SKG Engineering, which has done several projects for the city, including the new pedestrian access improvement project.

WTU surplus land bid documents revealed:
Each firm will be expected to supply a reasonable and probable use that supports the highest present value of vacant land; taking account the contribution of the specific use to the community and act in accordance with the 2013 Lake Nasworthy Master Plan and Implementation Strategy.
The selection committee was specified in the RFP:
The selection committee will consist of representatives from several City departments that are currently involved with the development process in the subject area. 

It will be interesting to hear how public access will be enhanced, learn specific uses to the community and understand how the city determined the highest present value for development.  Oddly, purchase price garnered a mere 15% weighting.  For a new landfill cell it was 75%.

Psalm 100 Development LLC registered with the State of Texas on August 21, 2013.  That makes the company just over a year old.

In another interesting twist Russell Gully sits on the City's Water Advisory Board and is in his third term. Also, a Gully (no first name) leases 2.6 acres of land around Lake Nasworthy for $392 a year.     

It remains to be seen if Nasworthy development mirrors Lake Jackson's elimination of Dow Park, once a hugely popular place for runners, cyclists and walkers.  The public park was eliminated for development of high dollar real estate lots.  

I look forward to hearing Executive Director of Public Works Ricky Dickson's presentation.  I trust it will clarify the nature of Mr. Gully's role with Psalm 100 Development LLC. 

Update 1-18-15:  Executive Director Public Works Ricky Dickson's presentation made no mention as to how public access would be enhanced.  He did not speak of any specific uses to the community.  He never spoke as to how the city determined the highest present value for development. 

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