Thursday, January 30, 2014

TTU Up for Reaccreditation: Sending SACSCOC Feral Cat Documentation?

The Daily Toreador reported:

Every 10 years, Texas Tech undergoes an accreditation process by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The Office of Planning and Assessment is responsible for creating documentation to send to SACSCOC in order to be accredited.

Catherine Parsoneault, associate vice provost for planning and assessment, acts as the liaison for the university and SACSCOC.
“The goal of accreditation is for institutions of higher education to meet a standard of quality and to demonstrate continuous improvement,” she said.

I have a suggestion as to a document worth SACSCOC time and highly reflective of TTU's commitment to a standard of quality and continuous improvement.  I'd love to hear reviewers assessment of Tech's response to ethical concerns shared three times with administration.  The full document is below:

Ttu ethics point complaints 1 3 from jepysdad

If anyone believes Tech's responses qualify as less than a competent investigation or continuous stonewalling, feel free to report your concerns to SACSCOC via the instructions and form embedded in their Complaint Procedures document.

For those who like immediate access see the SACS complaint information below:

Sacs complaintpolicy from jepysdad

It seems the more complaints filed could be beneficial:

Should a number of individual complaints suggest a pattern of concern which may evidence a significant lack of compliance with the Principle that was not evident from any one individual complaint, the Commission may renew its consideration of the matter for whatever action may be appropriate. 
 I filed three complaints through EthicsPoint and felt a pattern of concern.  One, no "investigation" addressed the concerns I shared which included failed promises, abusive management behavior, outright lying and appropriation of property that did not belong to the university.  Two, the investigator offered promises of future collaboration that Tech repeatedly did not act upon.  This behavior was repetitive and egregious in my mind.  And three, Tech administrators repeatedly refused to respond to members of the public making complaints via e-mail.

Oddly, these investigations were conducted by a certified public accountant, a profession committed to impartial investigation and truth telling.  This highly decorated CPA did neither.   

She also serves as a frequent speaker for ACUA, TSCPA, Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, Texas Association of College & University Auditors, and other groups on topics ranging from fraud to ethics.
If anyone has a concern about Tech's top down, heavy handed treatment of staff or students over a seven month period, now would be the time to file a SACSCOC complaint.  The ball is in the court of those with status to file.  

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