Wednesday, October 02, 2013

TTU's Cat War Goes Low Grade

Texas Tech President Duane Nellis failed to intervene when Assistant Vice President Hugh Cronin waged his cat cruelty campaign.  After Cronin the Barbarian's departure, language became more civil between Tech's facilities folks and area animal service organizations.  That didn't deter President Nellis from tightening the noose around more Tech Feral Cats.  More feeding stations have been removed, without informing faculty, staff and student caregivers. 

High octane, in your face, cursing Cronin is gone.  Public Relations' Chris Cook shut his yapper on the subject after lying through his teeth several times.  Nellis did nothing in response to either employee's ethical transgressions.  However, the war turned low grade under his leadership, which is off to a wimpy start. That should worry TTU employees when lying bullies can have their way. 

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