Monday, August 26, 2013

Cats Still Trapped Under TTU's Drane Hall

A TTU Feral Cat Colony caretaker reported:
UPDATE! Cats are indeed trapped under Drane Hall. Someone removed the sheet metal and caretaker reported two cats still trapped - and probably more. TTU police have been called and leaders notified. Say a prayer!!

This development occurred despite repeated assurances that no cats remained from Chris Cook, Director of Communications and Marketing at TTU.  This adds to the list of hollow words offered by TTU administration on this matter.  It also sinks Hugh Cronin's legacy as one of cruelty, hubris, insensitivity and retaliation.  TTU's actions aren't focused on the ethical treatment of cats or their longtime caregivers.

TTU can't manage what it doesn't understand.  The blowback from this will come in many ways.  The short term impact is animal cruelty with cats suffering and dying. With animal service relationships destroyed, Tech will pay in time and money for what area groups once did for free. 

Texas Tech leadership is responsible for allowing Hugh Cronin's mendacity, with Chris Cook playing a strong supporting role.  Tech already wore the animal cruelty yoke for cruel cat treatment.  They should have been loathe to re-don it. 

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