Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Rallo Legacy?

Angelo State University's Center for Security Studies has more oddities than its unusual degree titles.  Reader Taxpayer in Texas researched the ASU salary database.  After noting a number of CSS professors were hired after this information was made public, Taxpayer offered: 

- I used the search string "prof" in the title and came up with 182 full-time results.  This includes professors who are also deans, department heads, vice provosts, etc.

- Salaries range from $44,880 (Assistant Clinical Professor) to $172,000 (then Provost, Anthony Blose).

- Total payroll was $12,450,678 yielding an average salary of $68,410.32

- The highest paid Associate Professor is Bruce Bechtol (US Marines, Retired) at $91k, interestingly enough, Dr. (Col, Ret) Ehler's first-hire.

- Susan Williams makes $100k.  Only 13 professors make six figures - why is ASU paying the "deputy" so well?  Is her value-added truly that significant to improving the academic strength of ASU?

- Director Ehlers comes in at $120k... not too shabby considering our Provost-in-Waiting is making just $5k more at $125,108.

Anyway, you get the idea.  The disparity in salaries seems quite evident to me.  And of course that doesn't include the army of support personnel associated with the CSS.  What is true cost of Rallo's CSS legacy?  At best, a LOT of money - at worst, accreditation. 
ASU Insiders noted the split between Provost Blose and President Rallo over CSS during Texas Legislature imposed budget cuts.  Despite being the perfect match, Blose lasted a mere year before stepping down.

Oddly, Blose replacement shoe-in Brian May seemingly challenged Dr. Rallo for the CSS Legacy with his resume accomplishment.  Brian:

Secured funding through the Department of Defense for Center for Security Studies, Department of Defense, U.S Congress, FY 2009 and FY 2010, $5.4 million
This either speaks to Dr. May's lobbying or creative writing skills.  However, for now, CSS is Rallo's Legacy.

What will happen when the revenue shy Texas Legislature gathers in January 2013?  Will CSS generate enough students to justify its extravagant cost?  How will a Rallo-May tag team implement the next round of state budget cuts?  Is the future of ASU's Music Department tied to a new Military Band major?  Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Just received news that Dr. May has been selected (big surprise).

Anonymous said...

The legacy of Rallo will be a collge with a lack of prestige!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how many students are enrolled with CSS majors. Since many departments are losing funding and personnel because of low numbers, how does this one manage to get so much money?

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many were lured into applying for the position and how much tax payer money was spent flying them in for a useless interview.
Or did ASU flat ignore the hiring process required?