Friday, January 06, 2012

MedHab's Ross: Mayor New's Political Supporter

Medhab's Johnny Ross, founder of the fledgling medical device company, supported candidate New in the Fall 2009 Mayor race.  His letter to the Standard Times stated:

As the co-founder of a new medical device company, I am in search of a city to establish an operational plant. Upon meeting New at a business presentation, he immediately volunteered his services to assist MedHab’s efforts working with the city of San Angelo, the Chamber of Commerce, the economic development council and the state.

Although a final decision regarding the plant will not be made until next year, New’s ongoing effort has placed San Angelo in the top two locations.

Leadership and experience are the two most invaluable attributes a candidate can possess. Alvin New possesses these attributes and will make a fine mayor.
At what point did Alvin New become an equity investor in MedHab?  When was he appointed to the board of directors and what is his compensation arrangement?  How might New personally benefit from San Angelo's $3.6 million in incentives for MedHab?  Ethical leadership and forthright experience would have New out front on these questions, not AWOD, in Australia With Out Disclosure.

Note that Johnny Ross' 2010 decision on a plant location leaked into 2012.  Does that imply anything relative to MedHab's employment commitments?

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