Saturday, November 19, 2011

City of San Angelo Cuts Health Insurance Benefits

City leaders gave the impression that the only change needed to save $483,000 was an exclusive provider arrangement with San Angelo Community Medical Center.  It turns out benefit cuts were needed to achieve the savings.

Out-of-network changes include:

Physician Office Visit for Primary Care/Specialist was 70% after deductible.  For 2012 it will be 50% after deductible, a 20% benefit reduction.

True Emergency ER visit copays were equal in 2011.  In or out of network provided 80% coverage after a $300 copay, waived if the y were admitted to the hospital.  Neutral true emergency care is history.  Any out-of-network ER visit gets 50% coverage, a decline of 30%.

Skilled nursing, home health and hospice out-of-network benefits fell from 70% coverage to 50%.  Outpatient mental health did likewise.

The City of San Angelo cut out-of-network benefits to get savings.  Either city workers/retirees will change doctors or they will bear a heavier burden through increased out-of-pocket costs.

Feel free to compare 2012 benefits to 2011 via the documents below:

COSA Approved Plan Design 2012

COSA Health Benefits 2011

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