Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Angelo State's New "Leanness & Meanness"

The Standard Times reported:

Kent R. Hance, chancellor of the Texas Tech University System, told the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce that Angelo State University and other members of the TTUS, will be "running lean and mean" in the wake of state funding cuts to higher education.
Is it lean or mean to:

1.  Say there will be no layoffs, then cut six secretarial positions

2.  Emphasize distance learning, while axing internal resources in that arena

3.  Eliminate web design classes, while emphasizing "real world" skills training

4.  Not renew lecturers with outstanding student evaluation scores, while calling for quality teaching

5.  Tell honors students they get too much money, cut the benchmark program, then temporarily reinstate it.

6.  Double class sizes, while still bragging on the old faculty student ratio.

7.  Have a widespread staff reduction when the University's accreditation is at risk.

8.  Keep budgeted administrative raises, because it's hard to find "good" administrators

To longtime ASU staffers, leaders look more than "lean and mean.  They look "willy and nilly."  ASU threw out their strategic plan, sequestering four Vice President's to make the budget balance.  The Four VP's of ASU's Apocalypse have less than 7 total years ASU.  To take into account tradition, one must first know it.

Leaders get what they want.  Texas legislators set up Governor Rick Perry for a Presidential run with a bone crushing budget.  Hance and ASU President Rallo publicly complied with politicians' wishes.

There are multiple methods for lean and mean weight loss.  Did TTU leaders use a laxative to lose $7 million so quickly?  Fecal matter rolls downhill, even in a West Texas drought.  It just gets a little dusty.

Watch where you step.  There might be an ex-ASU staffer down there.  Give them a hand up, if you get the chance.  Maybe, even help 'em wash up.

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