Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where Have the Leaders Gone?

Many American leaders operate from horrific management theory. They use divide and conquer, fail to share their underlying beliefs and motivations, optimize their finances at the expense of the greater good, cover up illegal activities, create scarcity, and bribe people with incentives which end up as rewards/punishments. They contract out everything, because they have no leadership/management skills.

Our elected officials are obligated to know more, to make long term decisions for the benefit of the people. Instead, many optimize their reelection chances or their political party, failing the public miserably.

A less compassionate "bootstrap world" of personal responsibility looms. It's a push back on rising consciousness, the sense that all are one. It's knowing what happens to my brother or sister in humanity, happens to me. The push back appears to be gaining strength. Should the Inquisition return (pressed by government/religious powers) , the enlightened would be at risk for physical harm. But that's the way it's always been.

Is anyone to blame? It's difficult to know what one doesn't know. It's easier to remain unaware and be spoon fed by society, to swallow the swill offered by America's two political franchises.

Many leaders are intellectually lazy, incurious. Others know, but don't want to break the system that put them in power.

For the public, it's easier to believe platitudes foisted by those in power, myths intended to keep people divided. Fortunately, not all settle for being kept in the dark. They become aware of the game, some from finding out the fictions don't hold true for loved ones. They question, which hegemonic powers dislike intensely.

Consultants teach politicians to bear hug the questioner, while delivering a scripted answer that maintains the fictions. Madison Avenue refined things a bit the last century. The British Empire created artificial distinctions between people, pitting them against each other in their various colonies. They kept the lower classes occupied competing for scarce resources, while stoking the fires of hate. It enabled rulers to rape a country. The drive toward the lowest global common denominator on worker pay/benefits and taxes continues.

Thus a need for awareness, just to name what is happening. Maybe, that's what I did with my three blogs (State of the Division, PEU Report, and Ari's Freedom Switch). Maybe not. Regardless, the game continues. Peace to all!

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