Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two Weeks to Choose: Cooperation or Confrontation?

To whom did the Bush administration offer a choice of cooperation or confrontation, with an expected two week answer? Was it:

a. Congress
b. Methodist Ministers opposed to the Bush Library at SMU
c. Physicians who accept Medicare and face a 10% fee reduction
d. Banks at risk of failure due to nonperforming loans and asset write downs
e. Karl Rove in regard to his Congressional subpoena
f. Iran in regard to its nuclear enrichment program

The correct answer is f, Iran. George Bush likes drawing lines in the sand and daring his enemies to step over them. When they do, our Commander in Chief becomes engorged with rage, sending in the enforcers, in this case the U.S. military or that of our 51st state, Israel. Either country's military might can penetrate Iran's air defenses.

Two weeks warning, Iran. Then George W. takes his Waragra.

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