Friday, April 11, 2008

Real Reason Behind Cheney's Smile

While the "blogosphere" goes crazy over the image reflected in Vice President Dick Cheney's sunglasses, Shooter himself must continue chortling. The image clearly shows an arm, hand and fly rod. What most bloggers miss is the reason behind Dick's creepy smile. He's fantasizing over airboarding a rainbow trout. I can just picture it:

"Tell me where the big trout is? Under what rock is he hiding? You won't talk, pipsqueak? Maybe you will after spending time in a simulated asphyxiation. Alberto, ready the cedar plank! And stoke up the fire!"

Yet, the V.P.'s smile continues today for at least two reasons. One, the naked lady story takes attention away from rough riding Dick's leading the torture charge in the Bush White House. And two, it discredits non-mainstream media sources/commentary. Not long ago, Justice Chief Mukasey called bloggers terrorists. While the quality of bloggers varies dramatically, the blogosphere may be the only avenue for some people with unique backgrounds and knowledge. What needs to be done with them and their families? The Israelis have experience in such areas. Yes, there's much for Shooter to chuckle about...

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